The 10 Most Expensive Private Jets & the Owners

9. Airbus A319 Corporate Jet – Price: $80.7 million

Another private which cannot be taken off the radar when it comes to the world’s most private jets it certainly has to do with the Airbus A319 valued at over $80 million.

It boasts of superior interior design is custom made at your demand. The base model accommodates 8 guests in what Airbus calls “unmatched comfort”.

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8. Boeing 757 owned by Donald Trump – Price: $100 million

Trumps private jet is one of the most expensive priavte jets in the world as well. The former president of the United States of America has a private jet valued at $100 million. This clearly shows the former president of America is really rich and certainly do have a taste for luxury.

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It is believed the successful billionaire bought the used plane from Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, and since has been pouring money into several customizations in order to better fit his own style and enjoy the comfort he demands.

In the well-known Trump style, the interior features gold fittings across the board starting with the gold seat belts up to gold plated sink and faucets in the bathroom.

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Apart from the master bedroom that by now is a must in any luxurious jet, Trump took opulence to another level by having installed a video room, including a home cinema system with a 52-inch flat-screen display.

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