Protect your liver by avoiding these.

Foods are essential to the human body but can pose as a threat to your health if the right amount is not taken.

Foods are essential to the human body but can pose as a threat to your health if the right amount is not taken. Click To Tweet

Foods containing the right amount of nutrient in their right proportion can be termed as balanced. Nutritionist always advise us to eat these foods more to maintain a good health. But some foods we eat are actually killing us slowly.

The liver is the heaviest or largest gland of the human body weighing between 1 and 2.5 kg. It is heavier in the Male than in female. It lies immediately below the diaphragm in the right hypochondriac and epigastric region.

What ever food the mouth takes, the liver plays a vital role in its digestion. That’s why it has become so important to eat what the liver wants.

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The main function of the liver is to

* metabolize glucose and protein by maintaining a normal blood glucose level and synthesizing of plasma protein.

*Detoxification of drugs,hormones and noxious substances

*Production of heat to maintain normal body temperature

*Storage of glycogen,fat soluble vitamins and some minerals to be reused for formation of haemoglobin and some water soluble vitamins.

*Secretion of bile for digestion and excretion.

*Production of clotting factors during a cut or an injury.

With all these being said, it should occur to you that, everything we take by mouth pass through the liver sometimes and just like any other organ.

A lot of things bring its performance down and today, we are going to look into that to help our liver to function well to help us grow healthy.


Sugar is a necessary evil in the sense that, we need it in our daily routine but posses a great risk to the human body.

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From our discussion above, I told you the functions of liver in storing of glucose. The organ uses one type of sugar called fructose. Too much of it can cause a fatty build up that can lead to a liver disease.


Everybody knows that excessive alcohol intake can cause cirrhosis. Inflammation of the liver.But what they dont know is that,even a little intake can cause more damage to your liver.many glasses of alcohol can hold more than one standard if you drink, keep it small to save your liver.


Trans fat are man made fat in some packaged foods and pastries. Foods high in trans fat is likely to add some weight to you body which is not good for the liver.Always check the ingredients list for trans fat to protect your liver.

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Whenever we feel pain in any part of our body,we rush to the counter for relief.some of these drugs contain acetaminophen which when taken in a high quantity, can cause immer damage to the liver.


A lot of vitamins are taken from supplementary drugs since we lack them in the food we eat.A lot of supplements for hair growth, nail growth and nice skin contain a lot of vitamins that the body don’t need at all.They cause harm to the liver in the long run .


Adding a lot of weight has never been a good thing Aside the fact that it makes you feel tired all the time,it has a great risk on your liver.

Especially when the cause if your weight gain is attached to junk foods. A lot of body fat can be detrimental to your health and liver.

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