If you eat two Bananas every day; these 10 things will happen to your body.

We all know that Banana is one of the nutritious fruits which is consumed in every corner of the world.

Taking it on a daily base has been linked to a number of health benefits, thanks to its antioxidants properties.

As for today, our concern is on what will happen to the body when you eat it every day.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the details.

1. It will boost your energy level

Off the shelves, we know bananas are a great source of energy. They provide 21% of the daily adult carbohydrates requirements which is why it is most recommended to take it before, during and even after a workout or exercise.

2. Digestion will be improved

With banana being exclusively fibre and carbs, eating it on a daily base can play a vital role in digestion.

Per studies, banana serves 10% of the daily fibre requirement, hence, it is recommended for people suffering from diarrhoea.

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3. Your blood pressure will be stabilized

One important benefit that the body reaps from eating a banana is it that it can lower high blood pressure. Banana is rich in potassium 422 in one medium banana.

Potassium is an essential element which helps curb high blood pressure thereby reducing risks of cardiovascular or heart diseases.

4. Weight loss

Another interesting health benefit of eating a banana is linked to weight loss.

Banana contains certain starch which improves insulin sensitivity thereby making you full for a longer period.

For instance, when your banana, it makes you lose appetite hence preventing unnecessary eating.

5. Lower chance of Anaemia

Still, on the nutritional profile, banana is packed not only with potassium, carbs, and fiber but also the minerals required to prevent anaemia.

Vitamin B6 and Iron are two important minerals which help in providing more red blood cells and also keeping the blood glucose level under control, hence, reducing the risk of anaemia.

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6. It will boost your Immune system

Aside from orange, guava, and the likes, banana is another excellent option when it comes to matters of the immune system.

Average consumption provides the required daily amount of vitamins such as vitamin B6, vitamin C and others.

7. Your stress level will decrease

According to studies, bananas have been proven to contains certain hormones which help in stimulating other hormones.

For instance, the study says, the tryptophan in a banana is a requirement for the body to receive “the happiness hormone”.

8. It will lower your blood sugar level

Talking of the benefits of eating a banana, it is worth noting that this particular fruit has the potential to reduce blood sugar level. This is the reason why people with diabetes are advised to add it to their snacks menu.

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However, it is also not recommended for people living with type 2 diabetes, hence, consult your dietitian or doctor before going hard on a banana.

9. It can lower symptoms of Asthma

According to one study in 2007, Bananas were reported to have a beneficial effect on children with asthma.

It was stated that it might alleviate wheezing in asthmatic patient especially children, thanks to it high potassium content.

10. It lowers your risk of heart diseases

Cardiovascular diseases or heart diseases are the leading cause of death across the world. Studies have shown that, banana can play an important role in lowering your risk of such diseases.

Final words

In all bananas are very nutritious and healthy for the body. It can also be eaten at any point in time and has a lot of food combination options.

Eating a moderate amount per day should serve you all the above benefits.

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