Avoid Eating Spinach If You Have Any of These 4 Health Problems

Health is indeed paramount for the well-being of any individual, and so we are mostly advised to go green but it appears not all greens are beneficial to the health.

Our attention today is on spinach. We are going to have a look at why you need to avoid eating spinach if you have any of these health problems.

We all know spinach is linked to a number of health benefits and can be useful in treating certain kinds of ailments. Some of its healthful benefits include improving cognitive functions (reasoning, thinking and others), aiding in weight loss, easing stress which makes it a good recipe for the breakfast menu.

Aside from the benefits, there are still few things to consider especially for those who like eaten many vegetables and can’t do without it. So without much ado, let us have a look at the list.

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1. Those with Kidney Problems

With spinach being highly nutritious, there are some compounds or minerals which still makes this leafy veggie very toxic to eat. I am talking about the oxalates content that it contains. Studies have shown and linked oxalates to kidney problems like kidney stones.

Thus eating too much of it is not only good for those with kidney problems but all of us who want to avoid CKD – Chronic Kidney Disease. 970mg of oxalate for just 100g of spinach, so please be careful eating too much of it.

2. Those taking blood thinners or preparing for surgery

If you have a scheduled surgery please avoid spinach for 3 weeks before the due date. This veggie can bring your blood sugar level to a very low level which might cause severe bleeding. This is due to the high vitamin k content that it contains.

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When spinach is cooked, taking only one cup serve your body with 443mg of vitamin K which is very high as compared to raw spinach. Hence, if you on medication of blood thinners like warfarin and the others, please seek medical advice before adding it your daily meals.

However, those planning or preparing for surgery should do as stated above.

3. Poor growth

Do you remember the oxalate compound that I mentioned earlier? It’s this same compound that makes spinach a bad recipe for children. The compound is known to be an antinutrient which means – it prevents you from getting the vital and beneficial minerals which might be present in your meal.

Think of calcium, iron and some few minerals which are very beneficial for your body. Please don’t give it to your child on a daily base.

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4. Those taking diabetes medication

Spinach has been a headache for some doctors especially when they think of diabetes and its medications. There are reports that people who are dealing with or taking diabetes medication should stop taking spinach as it can even cause a more severe health condition like hypoglycaemia.

Hypoglycaemia is a condition where blood sugar level is too low and spinach can contribute to this cause.

Final words:

It’s always reasonable and recommended for people with different kinds of health conditions to report or seek medical advice from experts before eating too much of certain foods which spinach is not an exception.

Share with us how often do you eat this veggie?

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