A Look at the World’s Most Expensive Shoelaces

Our attention today is to focus on luxury. This is one blog very well noted for heath articles but let shift our attention and focus on some of the world’s luxuries.

How much are you willing to pay for a common shoelace? I guess less than $5 will be the budget for many including myself.

Besides almost all shoes in the world come along with their own laces but it appears this is different in the case of the world s most expensive shoelace. It comes with no shoe but just lace and it is more expensive than any shoe you can imagine in your shoe-rag.

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And so the question therefore is; how much will pay for the world’s most expensive shoelace? I think I’m mistaken here. I f I should ask how much you are willing to pay, I’m sure most of the prices I will get will be less than $1,000.

The question therefore should be how much is the world’s most expensive shoelace?

And that is our focus for today. A look at the world’s most expensive shoelaces.

This is how the shoelace looks like;

This is a shoelace designed by one company based in Colombia.

The Columbian designers and artisans made the shoelaces by hand, with each pair taking 120 hours to make.

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The company says that the shoelaces, made using “ancient, artisan jewelry techniques” are actually the most expensive shoelaces made of any metal in the world.

They got their inspiration from the natives of Quinchia village in Colombia, and from their artisan mining industry.

It appears anyone who buys this shoelace must expect more as it comes along with full security during delivery and the company assures any buyer that they will come and lace them for you anywhere in the world.

This is what the CEO had to say;

“At ‘Mr Kennedy’ we have created the world’s only precious metal shoelaces. Using ancient, artisan jewelry techniques we are able to hand weave threads of silver and gold into very special shoelaces.

Mr Kennedy was the founder of the modern day shoelace. These ‘ultimate’ shoelaces are a homage to him. We have created the world’s first pure gold and silver shoelaces.  Handmade by our team in Colombia, each set of the laces is taking approximately 120 hours to perfect.

And so there you have it, will consider coughing $19,000 for a shoelace? That is how much the world’s most expensive shoelace costs.

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