A look at Some Shortest Celebrities Marriages in the World

Talk of marriage and it is one of the most beautiful things in the world. The internet for instance is awash with beautiful marriage stories with couples staying together for more than 50 years and over and the love is still deep.

But is that really the case off late? The rate of divorce off late is really alarming and the reasons behind them are somehow funny.

Take a look at this Saudi man for instance.

It was reported he divorced on the basis of Whatsapp message.

According to Gulf news report; a man in Saudi Arabia has been granted a divorce because his wife ignored his WhatsApp messages.

Despite the fact she was constantly using her cell phone, reports Gulf News, the wife would not respond to messages from her husband.

The pair had been married for two years.

Gulf News reports that the husband, in his 30s, became exasperated because his wife spent so much time on her phone.

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He claimed she neglected looking after the home and taking care of their child.

The wife claimed she needed her cell phone to keep in touch with her friends and family.

So, in desperation, the husband used WhatsApp to try and talk to his wife but she ignored his messages because, she claimed, she was too busy talking to her friends.

That was the final straw for the husband who sought and got a divorce.

You see, is that not really funny? A Chinese man for instance also divorced his wife for giving birth to ugly kids. The wife had undergone plastic surgery before the met hence he sent the case to court and won more than $200,000 in damages as well as divorce.

Now let shift our attention on the main reason why we are here as we intend to have look at some of the shortest marriages in the world.

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Kyeiwaa’s Marriage

This is one marriage which can deemed as the shortest marriage in the world. It just lasted less than 24 hours. It happened in Ghana in which one popular actress got herself in messy situation after her wedding.

Not knowing the guy was married and even her real wife was at the event because she thought what was going on was a production for a movie not knowing her husband was getting married.

The actress never knew he was married and really got herself in an embarrassing situation at the end.

Even though she abrogated the marriage instantly it wasn’t until September 3 before the divorce became official. Remember the marriage came off on August 30.

And so officially the marriage lasted 3 days.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Talk of beauty and she certainly has it all. Kim Kardashian is on the list of the shortest marriages in the world as his marriage to Kris Humphries lasted for only 72 days.

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That is less than 3 months from the time they married to the time they separated.

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

This marriage can be classified as the Return. These couple always come back together after separation. Their first marriage only lasted for 2 months and they came back again and then followed by another divorce.

Their second comeback lasted for a little while though compared to the first. Don’t be surprised about their reunion once more.

4. Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

For your information, this marriage never lasted or got closer to 30 days. It lasted exactly 18 days after the guy was git for infidelity.

 Nicolas Cage and Erika Koike

Nicolas Cage and Erika’s marriage only lasted for 4 days. Yes, after 4 days, the Con Air protagonist was asking for divorce.

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