A Look at Some of the Things You Can do with Banana Peels

Talk of one of the most popular fruits in the world and you certainly can’t take banana out. It’s one of the most popular fruits in the world and something very well known among both children and adult.

But what do we do with the peels of bananas? We simply throw them away just like that when we intend to enjoy our banana.

But what if I tell you there is more you can do with banana peels and I’m sure this is something which will amaze because the peel of banana is not edible unlike the fruit.

We are therefore going to have a look at some amazing things you can do with the peels of bananas which won’t make you through them off anyhow.

This is one post which is very much going to concentrate very much on some of the uses of banana peels and it will certainly come in handy when you need it.

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Let therefore have a look at some of the uses of the banana peel. A look at what it can be used for;

Stops Itching

Have you been bitten by a bug or your child has been bitten by a bed bug? Then the banana peel is your one stop option.

Banana peels are very noted for the relief of bed bugs bites. It is believed rubbing raised bumps with the inside of banana peels can help relieve pains from any bite and stop itching instantly.

It can help Whiten your teeth

I’m sure you’re amazed but the reality is that rubbing your teeth with the peels of bananas for at least two weeks whitens the teeth and this is indeed a good alternative to the various detergents we use in whitening our teeth which somehow weakens the enamel.

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Gives a glowing Skin

Another great wonders of the banana peels are their ability to glowing skins. How does one go about it?

It is believed banana peels contains some anti-oxidants which when one applies on wrinkles or lines on the face and wash off after 30 minutes can improve the quality of the skin over time.

It can give you Quality Sleep

The idea of chewing of banana peel might sound crazy but if you can try it you will see how well you will sleep as banana peels are believed to contain lots of serotonin which is one chemical which helps the body to relax.

If the idea of chewing banana peels sound somehow weird, I guess adding it in your blender for a smoothie wouldn’t be bad at all.

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Improves the Eye

One of the reasons why you’re likely not throw away banana peels has to do with it ability to improve your eye.

Leutin is one thing which improves the eye and this is one antioxidant which is in abundance in banana peels.

And so to avoid some eye diseases like cataracts, banana peels should be your source of leutin.

It can make your Valuables Shine

Before I bring an end to my post, I guess you need to understand one of the most important things you can do with banana peels is to make your valuables shine.

It is believed wiping banana peels around your valuables make them shine as it contains potassium.

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